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Pulverized Fuel Sampling Specialists, Air Flow Measurements, Flue Gas Measurements, Gas Air Heater Testing and Mill Performance Testing.

We provide services that assist in plant performance evaluation and optimisation, the  extraction of  Coal and  Fly-Ash Samples from ISO-Kinetic Samplers for the purpose of plant efficiency checks.

We have vast experience in sampling and sample preparation for analysis. 

Sampling Systems have successfully completed many NEC contracts as well as some Turnkey projects. A History list of this information is available on request. We are equipped and positioned to undertake routine test work and operational maintenance projects on a contractual basis.

Pulverized Fuel Sampling Specialists

PF Sampling

The PF Sampler is used to extract a representative, iso-kinetic, PF sample from the PF pipes to evaluate the mill performance in terms of the PF fineness and to determine the PF distribution to the various PF pipes.

Cegrit Sampler

To extract fly-ash from the flue gas ducts to analyze for carbon in ash (unburned coal).

Air Flow Measurements

To measure the amount of air passing through each air duct. To determine the relationship between the flow device differential pressure and the actual air flow for each individual flow device and to incorporate this into the DCS system (K-Factor). Also to verify control panel indications. Gas

Gas Air Heater

Air Heater leakage tests are performed to measure the air leakage into the flue gas. Excessive leakage results in loss of boiler efficiency as well as boiler load output restrictions.

We provide a broad range of sampling solutions that allow for the sampling and management of sample quantities during integrated sampling.

Consulting Services

We assist clients in plant performance monitoring by selecting standards and test procedures for their application. 

We have a wide range of experience gained at all of the power stations in South Africa and some abroad that will enable us to share information, make proposals and recommendations according to the client’s needs.

Having qualified sampling & testing technicians ensures less standing time, preventative maintenance and increased plant efficiency.

Maintenance Contracts on Sampling Services & Maintenance

We offer customised service and operational maintenance on a contractual basis.   ​

 We have expanded our field service team in order to provide more sustainable service. Thus, wherever your plant may be, we can respond to your specific sampling equipment service needs.

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