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Testing Specialist

Test work on Boilers and Mill Performance

Our company offers high-quality plant performance testing and analyses services. This include measuring pressure, temperature, velocity, air flow, and flue gas, extracting coal & fly-ash samples as well as PF samples from PF pipes.

We have conducted performance tests at power plants for many years. Our technicians are trained to work in demanding environments and to meet the challenges associated with in-plant testing and sampling.

Specialized Test Work

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Test Standards Used:

1)  Method of determining the position of sampling points in circular and rectangular ducts. EN 13284

2)  Measuring of velocity and volume flow rate of gas streams in ducts. ISO 10780

3)  Sampling of Pulverized coal. SANS 9931:1991 / ISO 9931:1991

4)  ISO-Kinetic Sampling according to the German Standard VGB R 123 C2-9 EN.

Mill Performance Testing

Optimum mill performance is achieved by determining the best classifier vanes position for the desired PF fineness, together with the optimum loading pressure and Air Fuel ratio that will produce maximum coal throughput that is sustainable over time.

The mill load line is the controlling parameter of the mill which comprises of the Air to Fuel ratios from minimum to maximum load operation.  This load line is pre-determined by performing tests and is regularly checked and verified to ensure stable mill operation. Some mill types have adjustments for the balancing of PF distribution in the PF pipes.

Combustion Optimisation

There is always a need for optimising combustion. By calculating the boiler losses from the test measurements and sampling that we do, we can determine the boiler efficiency based on the Indirect method. This can be monitored over a period of time and excessive losses can be identified and corrected.

FD, ID and PA Fan Capacity tests

Short-term and long-term problems can arise from suboptimal Force Draft (FD), Induced Draft (ID) and Primary Air (PA) fan performance.

Among the services we offer to plant operators are performance/acceptance testing, fan design audits, and Capacity tests.

Gas analyses to optimize combustion

*Combustion optimization tests are conducted using Calibrated test equipment and Multipoint traversing for accurate results.

*From routine measurements we can formulate graphical historical trends to visually examine the changes over time of the parameters that influence the boiler performance and this provides an understanding to enable decision making.

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